Working with Documents

Frames can help capture key insights and information from PDFs, to quickly build your summary of any document.

A subscription to Frames Premium allows you to add PDF documents to your notes.

To work with a PDF, drag the file onto the Frames icon in your Dock, or select Frames > Import PDF from the menu bar, and choose the file there.

When a PDF is imported, a connected Frame is created. This companion Frame provides a location to make notes about the document. The Frame and PDF are displayed side-by-side when first created.


Important text in a PDF may be captured in a Quote, a special kind of note.

To make a Quote, highlight text in the PDF, right-click and select New Quote. The new Quote will be added at the bottom of the companion Frame.

Clicking on any Quote will open the document it came from and highlight the source text.

A Quote's text cannot be edited.

Quotes may be freely organised within a document's companion Frame, and, of course, included in other Frames when relevant.

Web Pages

To use documents published online, we recommend using Reader in Safari. With the webpage open in Safari, select View > Show Reader from the menu bar. This presents a decluttered view of any document. Now select File > Export as PDF... from the menu bar to save a PDF version of the webpage.

It's often useful to save the original URL of your PDF as a note in the companion Frame.