Text Size and Layout

Frames aims to provide maximum readability, whilst avoiding the need to tinker with fonts to express the structure and significance of your notes.

Font Size

The size of text can be increased or decreased everywhere by zooming in or out. Select View > Zoom In from the menu bar to increase the size of all text, or View > Zoom Out to decrease it. View > Actual Size will return the text to its default size. Alternatively use the shortcuts ⌘+, ⌘- and ⌘0.

Text Layout

Premium subscribers get more control over the layout of their notes from the Preferences screen. Choose Frames > Preferences... from the menu bar, or press ⌘, to open the Preferences window.

Maximum line width adjusts the possible number of characters in each line of text. Line height adjusts the space between lines of text within a note. Paragraph spacing adjusts the space between each note.

The controls update your notes immediately, so you can quickly find what works for you.